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tv   USA Freedom Act Markup  CSPAN  May 11, 2014 3:43pm-3:45pm EDT

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similarly cooperating after some tepper 11. i was chairman of the committee at the time of these horrific attacks. we were asked short order to fundamentally restructure how the government operated to protect our national security. this has exceeded anything i experienced in my career. then speaker dennis hastert was under considerable pressure to bring a bill to the floor quickly. debate,today's leadership threat to bypass the jurisdiction. i pleaded for patience and ask them to have faith in the judiciary committee. theis credit, he agreed and committee banded together and pass the usa patriot act with unanimous bipartisan support. i would add it was representatives like maxine waters to the left and bob are on the right, all of them voting aye on the product. i believe it made the country safer while protecting cherished
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civil liberties that distinguish us from our enemies. however, we are here because the government has misapplied the law we passed. the administrations interpretation of 200 16 is wrong. under current law, the effort can inquire tangible things of they are relevant to an authorized terrorism investigation. in a feed of legal and verbal gymnastics, the administration convinced the fisa court that because some records in the universe of every phone call americans make or receive are relevant to counterterrorism, the entire universe of those calls must be relevant. that decision of the floodgates to the practice of bulk collection that was never before possible, let alone legal in our countries history. after the abuse last summer, i .new congress had to act i introduced the usa fre


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